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February W-2 Check In – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

          – Proverb

This blog’s about keeping my goals in sight and in mind.

I have all these dreams and desires that I want to turn into reality, and these goals I’m working on are a way of bringing myself one step closer to living those dreams.

I come here to wordpress every day to update my progress on these goals. Every day in a row that I write “No Change” is  a little slap in the face telling me I’m letting that dream slip away.

If I check in at mid day, then that slap in the face pushes me to do something towards that “No Change” goal that day, so the next day I can change it to something better. An accomplishment or a baby step.

If I’m not checking in every day, then it’s easy to let my dreams and goals slip and slide away until they’re this dingy version of what they could have been.

They could become an impossibility that never will be.

I can’t let that happen, so I started this blog.

How do you keep your goals in sight?

Werewolf Investigations: Book 2 – Finish Rough Draft (between 45-60k)

  • Tuesday 2/7/12 – Wrote 500 words yesterday after I posted and aim to do at least 500 today. I might have to push out my goal since I seem to be only making time for 15 minutes or so of writing a day since I’ve upped my exercise time.
  • Sunday 2/12/12 – I’ve been hitting about 500 words every day. Not as many words per day as I’ll need to complete my rough draft by the end of the month. Hit 1000 this morning. Maybe I can squeeze in another 500 before bed today.

Werewolf Investigations: Book 1 – Editing Prep

  • Tuesday 2/7/12 – Will continue with this on the bus tonight. Did not ride bus home.
  • Wednesday 2/8/12 – Left laptop home. Read a chapter and took notes at lunch today.
  • Thursday 2/9/12 – My buddies and I are starting a writing group. Printed 5 pages for crit last night. I realized I have to figure out/reframe what the heck my first plot point is.

Writer Blog Store – Read/Add good Smashwords Book to store

  • Wednesday 2/8/12 – Started reading book on the bus tonight. Totally gripped me way better than the other one I put in the store. I think I might be adding this whole trilogy (based on 30 minutes of reading the first book). Very exciting.
  • Still super enthralled with new book. Will add it to the store page if it has strong ending.

Writer Blog Store #2/Publishing – Publish “Hunter” Story as Single

  • Tuesday 2/7/12 – Played with this a bit tonight. Found a lot of useful images at morguefile. They don’t even require attribution!
  • Trying to refocus on the writing more on my WIP, but I do want to do this. I need more time… rephrased I need more time not at work time, so I can work on all these things.

Super Secret Triathlon Blog Posts4 8 Tri Blog Posts

Ultimate goal is to have 12 banked posts. Four posts go live with the site, as well as an about page, and a store. So, I’ll have a total of 16 posts and an about page that I’ll need before go live. As well as a store page.

  • Wednesday 2/8/12 – Went a little crazy. Wrote 5 posts today.
  • Thursday 2/9/12 – Went more crazy. Wrote another post today and my about page.

Triathlon Training Getting Back On Staying On Track

  • Thursday 2/9/12 – Swam Monday through Thursday 1500-2000 yards depending on the day. Tomorrow might be a rest day.
  • Friday and Saturday were rest days. I ran just under 6 miles on Sunday. Didn’t feel as good as I did last weekend. Maybe it depends on what I had for dinner Saturday night?

Art Stuff – Finish Something

  • Tuesday 2/7/12 – scanned some drawings that I intend on digitally painting and started coloring one of them.
  • As above on the cover progress.

Grad School – Preparation

  • Found out UC TA’s are not PERS employees. Means I need to figure out what to do with my retirement come September. Probably be rolling it into an IRA or some such. Can I still roll it into a ROTH? need to look that up.
  • Signed up for recruitment day. Now, I have to figure out what professors do I want to see and just what the heck do we do on recruitment day? What do I ask them? Is this part of selecting a mentor/etc?

New Goal – Fix Shower Stuff For Good


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Good ideas! Your goal-making is something I should replicate :)

Comment by Insomniac Dreams

Thanks Ali. It’s working for me, if I don’t have something to keep me checking back in then I don’t make progress on my goals. But when I keep checking in every day, it kind of makes me feel bad to write “no change” or “no progress” today, so uhh, yeah I do everything I can to avoid that :-)

Something that helped me learn this was Havi’s VPA’s.

Comment by Melissa

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